Digital imaging

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image processing, microscope image processing, digital imaging, quantitative microscopy, image retrieval system (from databases and storage systems such as PACS), DICOM Working Group 26, medical image format FAQ, RSNA DICOM intro, DICOM official site, image analysis: quantitative and qualitative.

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Fact or fiction?
You step into a time portal and are brought twenty years into the future, when every pathology resident is trained in the basics of informatics and has a superior working knowledge of digital imaging. As you look at a typical resident’s desk, you notice two things, 1) there’s no microscope, and 2) there’s a beautiful 24-inch monitor (and with X-ray vision, you can tell there is a suitably high-level graphics card installed in the computer). You watch as the resident pulls up an image (3D?) of a current tissue biopsy that needs a diagnosis. Immediately, thumbnails of two prior biopsies from the same patient taken last year are pulled up on the side. One of them was taken at another hospital across town. The resident can easily locate the previously identified lesions, and begins to compare them to the current specimen…

Suddenly, there is an annoying sound, possibly an ambulance coming to the doorway? Wait a minute! Does this mean future pathology residents have to staff the ER too…? You haven’t done a complete neurological exam in years… Then you wake up to the sound of your alarm clock beeping…

This dream is not as farfetched as you may believe. In fact, your residency program may already have invested in devices such as whole-slide imagers, which are becoming increasingly efficient. Current issues around whole-slide imaging include storage needs and standardization.


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